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We have changed many lives, from moving families out of shelters, working directly with children’s organizations, women’s shelters, animal rescue groups, senior centers, mentally challenged adults - to sponsoring picnics and Christmas parties for adults and children in need. Nothing warms the heart like giving hope back to a community.

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The Godmothers

We have been serving the
Detroit Metropolitan community since 1999.


Our Mission keeps growing

Over the last couple of years it’s become more and more evident that the very women that have supported us, might need our help. Many lives have been touched or lost to cancer, chronic illnesses, accidents or medical emergencies. We have lost many dear friends supporters and volunteers and witnessed great suffering from partners, family and friends.
The time has come for The Godmothers to change our focus and mission statement. The New Godmothers will support a ‘’We Care Program’’ for the health and well being of women living in the METRO DETROIT AREA.

Saturday, Nov. 22nd, 2014
Thunderbird Lanes | 400. W. Maple, Troy 
7 P.M. Check- In - Bowling starts at 8 pm
$25.00 Per Person!

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Not only have we touched lives, changed lives and gave hundreds of people hope over the years, we’ve also served as a networking group in the GLB Community. People have made long lasting friendships and found partners through our activities. I’ve personally met some of the nicest people on this planet and couldn’t imagine my life without them in it. So many women and not enough time or words could I find to thank each and every one of you!


Meet some volunteers

Plenty of beautiful smiles!

...and the memories
last a lifetime!

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