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Who are The Godmother's?

The Godmothers aren’t part of any political or religious group. We are a grassroots group of ladies from Metro Detroit, Michigan. We have been involved with many different kinds of projects. In emergencies, we cut through the RED TAPE. We are strictly funded by fundraiser’s that we put on throughout the year; Corporate Sponsorship and donations. Our volunteers help out when they can and support most of our events.

We Want to Hear From You!! Please feel free to send us an email located on our contacts page. Take a minute to look around our site...and check back often.
Thank You, Vicky Lewis - President/founder | Marla Schlossberg - Co- Chair

Click the link above to make a donation to The Godmothers organization for the 015 holiday season. Also, please check out the events page for all upcoming events. Donations via PayPal.The Godmothers events always bring a full house!! Your Donations are sincerely needed and greatly appreciated, we help so many!

...and the memories
last a lifetime!

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We are gearing up for the 2015 Holiday Season

We have changed many lives, from moving families out of shelters, working directly with children’s organizations, women’s shelters, animal rescue groups, senior centers, mentally challenged adults - to sponsoring picnics and Christmas parties for adults and children in need. Nothing warms the heart like giving hope back to a community. The holidays are a time when people are in the giving spirit...but we are committed to helping those in need all year long. Please keep checking back to our web page - we will be updating our wish list for items needed year round...and of course money donations are always excepted and appreciated. Please feel free to drop us a note and to donated whatever you can, when you can....every penny helps. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and contributions!!


for everyone!

Giving back during the holidays and giving back on any other day of the year should be the same, but the greatest way we have found to give back is to remember to do it all year long. Summer can be especially hard on food banks, and the needs are there year-round, not just at the holidays. We need to feel generous and thankful every day.

Helpfor everyone!

Our events are always
a great time for everyone!

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Not only have we touched lives, changed lives and gave hundreds of people hope over the years, we’ve also served as a networking group in the GLB Community. People have made long lasting friendships and found partners through our activities. I’ve personally met some of the nicest people on this planet and couldn’t imagine my life without them in it. So many women and not enough time or words could I find to thank each and every one of you!

Loveis in everyone!

Helping all year long!